Miao was smelling nuts and hungry for eating

Miao is lying on the mat and acting in pettish to master. What a pleasant time it is!

Miao couldn’t tear herself away from my feet

Miao escaped and said: it was fully an accident, don’t hit me, please.

Miao is lying in my arms like a child

Miao was embarrassed that she failed to show her clean claws just like a spoiled child

Miao beat the air with a needy master, and meanwhile she kept in mind that she must put her claws above anything.

What a shame! Miao tried to grab at others but didn’t succeed.

Miao had designs on this piece of beef jerky, but she wouldn’t admin it.

Miao is lying and enjoying touch with a happy expression

Lazy master kept Miao automatically

Crazy Miao 3

Crazy Miao2

Crazy Miao1

Enjoy losing face

jige jige jige just tickle

DIY automatic Miao’s feather toy

What a lazy bone!

Play with the master 9

Play with the master 8

Play with the master 7

Play with the master 6

Play with the master 5

Play with the master 4

Pavlov experiment 4

Pavlov experiment 3

Pavlov experiment 2

Miao was hungry for a snack

Miao was hungry for a snack 3

Miao was hungry for a snack 2

Miao stepped on my stomach

Miao played with the shadow

Miao follows her mother

Lie down and play games

Knock knock

Kitten Miao Played football

keep Miao automatically

Holding the cat

Holding the cat 3

Holding the cat 2

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